The Visual Arts at Concordian

The Visual Arts are a way of understanding ourselves, and the world we live in. As students move through the various stages of the I.B. art program we ask that they respond to and reflect upon their visual and social environments.

The study of art encourages the development within the EYP and PYP programs of problem solving through drawing and experiential art making. Creative expression, experience in a    range of traditional and technological mediums, collaborative skills and an awareness of our own and others’ cultures are valued.

The continued study of visual arts at Concordian into the MYP years provides students at levels 6-10 with the vocabulary, critical thinking skills, innovative techniques and evaluative skills necessary to develop as young art-makers, and to enjoy the visual arts throughout life.

Later, our IB Diploma candidates may also interpret and even challenge issues of the world within which they live, through the appropriate mediums of their choice, as they ready themselves to enter competitive university and college arts programs.

Concordian’s visual arts facilities consist of a dedicated art-teaching classroom for Grades 1 to 5. The MYP Grades 6-10 and IB teaching studios are located in the new Science and Arts Centre. Equipment includes a Photoshop equipped computer suite, A3 scanners, large format printers and DSLR cameras. The Diploma classroom consists of a major teaching space plus personal studio spaces for the 2nd year IB Visual Arts students.

Grade 12 – IB 2

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Grade 11 – IB 1

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Grade 8 – MYP

Grade 1 – PYP