Concordian International School provides a variety of technology tools to support student learning. A robust technology infrastructure offers an opportunity for efficient campus operation and state-of-the-art teaching tools in a safe learning environment. A dedicated staff makes up a critical component of the Technology Team; they design, build and maintain technology equipment and solutions throughout the campus. They oversea all technology operations on campus.

The campus computer network supports a variety of services including:

  • Computer laboratories provide students access to information processing tools and curriculum-specific software (3 labs with access to Apple and Microsoft systems)
  • 4-computer center in all classrooms from K3 to G5, “BYOD” system for G6 and up.
  • iPads and wheel-around laptops available for all classes
  • Aruba-Cisco Internet system in all areas of the school, with 10 G ethernet system and a full fiber-optic dedicated 100Mbps (download/upload) Internet access with a 1:1 ratio for international and local websites, making it one of the fastest dedicated Internet connection in Thailand.
  • Content filtered Internet access is available on every computer.
  • All classrooms have LCD projectors and Stereo Sound Systems.
  • All classrooms are outfitted with Mimio boards for computer interfacing and recording capabilities.
  • Wireless and LAN computer access is available throughout the entire campus.
  • Many behind the scenes systems support student demographics, scheduling, and records, building security and access, network security and access, synchronized bell systems for the Middle and High School, SMS and our very own Concordian App phone messaging system for immediate communication with parents, and digital security cameras that archive detailed campus activity, as well as other security systems.