Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in our Concordian International School Summer Program this year!

The Pre-K to G11 program has been developed to help students reinforced what they learned throughout the year and will run from Monday, June 27 to Friday, July 15, 2022!

Please click on your grade level (on the left sidebar) to see details of our program for your child.

Please keep in mind that only our very own Concordian teachers will be teaching your children, we do not hire any outside teachers as per our Child Protection Policy.

Thank you again for joining Summer School this year!

Concordian Administration

Please note that an extensive “Before School Activities” and “After School Activities” program will also be offered during the summer, including:

  • BSA Basketball
  • BSA Football
  • BSA Stroke Development
  • BSA Swim Team Only
  • ASA Football
  • ASA Learn to Swim
  • ASA Stroke Development
  • ASA Badminton
  • Advanced Swimmers
  • Special Program