Admission Process:

Concordian welcomes students of any nationality, social or religious background.

Applications for admission may be made throughout the year but applicants are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible due to full enrollment in most grade levels.

The Concordian school year is divided into two semesters running from mid-August to December and from January to the first week of June.

Age Placement Class Maximum per Class
IB Primary Years Program (4 classes per grade level)
2+ Pre-K 16
3+ Kindergarten 1 16*
4+ Kindergarten 2 16*
5+ Kindergarten 3 16*
6+ Grade 1 16*
7+ Grade 2 16*
8+ Grade 3 16-18
9+ Grade 4 16-18
10+ Grade 5 18*
IB Middle Years Program (3-4 classes per grade level)
11+ Grade 6 20-22*
12+ Grade 7 20-22*
13+ Grade 8 20-22*
14+ Grade 9 20-22*
15+ Grade 10 20-22*
IB Diploma Program (2-3 classes per grade level)
16+ Grade 11 10-15 per subject area
17+ Grade 12 10-15 per subject area

*Two extra seats in some classes may be reserved for children of Concordian teachers or staff.

Application Review:

  • Age of applicant
  • Class size
  • Any currently enrolled siblings at Concordian
  • Previous academic records
  • English and Chinese language proficiency – speaking, reading, and writing
  • Admission test

Note: Students applying for Pre-K must be: 1) toilet-trained, 2) no longer drinking from baby bottles, and 3) able to follow simple directions. If a student who enters the program does not meet all three of these criteria, the parents will be asked to temporarily withdraw their child until he/she does. In this case, there will be no tuition refund for the period of withdrawal from the program.

Students applying for admission to K1 must also be fully toilet-trained, no longer drinking from baby bottles, and able to follow simple directions. In addition they must have attended a nursery program for at least a half year, either at Concordian or at another school. They must attend summer school at Concordian during the summer directly before they will enter K1.

Students applying for admission in Grades K2 to 5 must speak some English and Chinese in order to be considered for admission. Based on the results of the admissions testing and/or interview, they may be required to attend summer school at Concordian during the summer directly before they start the regular school year. ELS and/or CSL support programs may be required during the school year.

Admission Test and Interview:

The Admissions Office will inform parents of the appointed date and time for the student to take the admission test.

  • Observation by School Counselor
  • Questionnaire for parents
  • Students entering K1 must be able to understand basic commands in English.
  • Students entering K2 or K3 must be able to understand basic commands in English and Chinese.
  • Students entering Nursery – K3 will be given an observation test in which they will be assessed on communication, language, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, social skills and behavior.
  • English (including writing an essay) and Math tests are given to students applying to enter Grades 3 to 12.
  • Students, whose native language is not English, from Grades K2 to 5, will be given an EAL and CAL test to determine their placement
  • Students from Grade 6 to 10 who have previous knowledge of Chinese will be given a Chinese test.

Admissions Result:

Families will be notified as soon as possible by the admissions officer of the admission assessment result. Students who are accepted and wish to enroll at Concordian are asked to pay the full tuition at the Finance Office by the indicated deadline. This payment guarantees the student’s seat at Concordian. If we do not receive your payment by the deadline, your child’s seat cannot be held. He/She will be moved to the waiting list.
Concordian reserves the right to withdraw student acceptance for any student at any time in the event in which a seat has been reserved for a sibling and the sibling withdraws from Concordian enrollment.

Special Needs Acceptance Policy:

the success of every child at Concordian depends on honest and open communication between the school and the parents. This includes full disclosure by the parents of any known learning difficulties or special needs or ongoing medication which known impact the child’s potential for success in our unique multi-lingual program. In case where such information was not disclosed, and was discovered later, Concordian reserves the right to rescind this acceptance and / or remove the student from our program without any refund.

Waiting list: Students who have successfully passed the Admission Test and the Interview may be placed on a waiting list if a classroom has reached full capacity.