Guest Speakers

Andy Fletcher

Life, the Universe and Everything — Investigating the God Debate in a Quantum Universe

The amphitheater was the home and gathering place for curious minds on January 25th when our guest speaker, Andy Fletcher, spoke with grades 6-12, teachers and parents about our places in the universe and the never-ending questions we face in trying to understand the complexities of science, beauty and truth. Can we say we know that over 100 billion planets populate the galaxy or why can we not cry in space?  Mr. Fletcher, a previous TOK teacher at the International School of Geneva, is now the CEO of Life, the Universe and Everything, a non-profit organization dedicated to working with international schools and communities, sharing seminars on 20th and 21st century physics.

Students and teachers from Wells International School and Regents School joined us for an intellectual journey that we will not forget.  We looked at topics of creationism, God and the New Physics and their impact on the deterministic, mechanistic, reductionist, infinite universe of Isaac Newton and much of modern science.  Although discerning at times to both ends of the debate, it followed in TOK traditions and pedagogical goals by demonstrating using science to realize that there are limits to our intellectual abilities, boundaries on scientific inquiry, and mysteries in nature which we may never resolve.