Shanghai Internship Program

Young Leaders Project

Lotus Shanghai Internship

By Passachon (Naam) Srisaard G11

SHANGHAI, CHINA – The CP Lotus Internship took place over the first three weeks of summer, from June 8th through June 30th. The intern group consisted of 3 rising sophomores (Mimi, Yammy, Danny) and 5 rising juniors (Daven, Pete, Juseong, Naam, and James), who were supervised by P Bell.

Separated into two teams — Team Lotus and The A Team – the interns got to practice various hands-on activities related to the retail business, as well as learning to apply their Chinese language skills to communicate – or negotiate – with local Chinese people when bargaining in the market.

Being a uniformed cashier for a day was definitely one of the interns’ most favorite experiences, in addition to simulating shelves organization in the Lotus #43 headquarters branch where they had to fill shelves with various products, while being timed. “If there was one thing that stood out most from this trip,” Ju Seong said, “it was the fact that I got to see real life situations in the business, both as a customer and a staff member.”

The 3 week internship taught our students lessons from experience that you really can’t find elsewhere – both living experience and knowledge about the business. It will be happening again next year, and you won’t want to miss it!

Special thanks: We would like to express our gratitude to the Lotus Team that has helped create such a memorable experience for us, especially K. Michael Ross and Mr. Wang Feng and his team from CP Corporate University.