Grade 8 field trip to Safari World

On April 24th, the 8th Grade class participated in a science learning trip to Safari World. We were studying the classification of living things and the students were given the opportunity to investigate many different animals from around the world. The students were exposed to hundreds of species of animals from the mammal, reptile and bird class while inquiring into the characteristics that make all of these creatures special. The focus of their learning was to understand how science organizes information to help us understand the environment around us. Activities included giraffe feeding and a dolphin show which showed the amazing intelligence and abilities of many animals. One of our Concordian students even got to kiss a dolphin on stage. The Egg Exhibit was one of the most surprising and educational parts of the trip as we saw a working hatchery that was raising many types of exotic birds. All students had a great learning experience exploring the great variety of life that shares the planet with us!