Latest News at Concordian!

So many exciting and wonderful activities and events happening on a daily basis at Concordian International School!

1,000 students, 330 staff including 215 full time teachers and 40 teaching assistants! With such an amazing team, we have lots of things happening each and every day of the school year!

We have such a close-knit community and we thank our parents and staff for all their help and support in making events so successful for our students! GO DRAGONS!

Please discover a selection of main activities below or browse through our Facebook account for more information about upcoming events and happenings at the school!

Thank you for your trust and support! Enjoy!

HS Community Service


Operation Smile 2019


PTA Family Outing 2019


PY Chinese Voice Season 4

K2-K3 Winter Concert 19-20

Athletic News – October 2019

HS Musical – Oz!


Wai Kru Day 2019

“Respect for Teachers Day”

PTA Movie Night “SING”!


Welcome Brunch 19-20!

This event is organized by our Concordian PTA for our Concordian community! For more information, please see below:

Mother’s Day 2019

Concordian International School held the Thai mother’s day ceremony, which also coincides with Her Majesty the Queen Mother’s birthday on the 9th of August.

Grade 5 Graduation 2019

On Wednesday, June 5th, 2019, 63 courageous, caring, hardworking, lively, and knowledgeable fifth-grade students walked proudly across the Grand Theater stage and successfully graduated from the PYP.

K3 Graduation 2019

We are so proud of our Early Years graduating class of 2019! It has been a pleasure watching all of you grow during your time in the Early Years.

University Acceptances 2019!

We are SO PROUD to present to you our OUTSTANDING University Acceptances for the class of 2019! Please check out the number of students accepted in the TOP 50 and

Athletic News – June 2019

Graduating Class of 2019


Special Seminar!

Movie Night “WONDER”

For more information, please see below: This event is organized by our Concordian PTA for our Concordian community!