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Concordian Graduates

Aeii – Imperial College London

I still remember the moment I waved goodbye to the familiar faces. As I schlepped my cumbersome luggage across myriad shops and a labyrinth of terminals, I realized something. I

Man – Stanford University

Concordian has been a lot more to me than a school. It is the place that instilled the value of leadership, responsibility, and compassion in me. Concordian taught me to

Alumni Talk!

Meet 8 of our Alumni students who are or have been attending outstanding universities and programs around the world and who are already making a difference in the world!

Minky – Cambridge University

As some of you may know, I graduated from Concordian with the IB Diploma in 2013. I took a gap year to do A-levels, enhancing my academic even further. And

Byte – Oxford University

I was introduced to the IB curriculum with the IB learner profile when I applied to Concordian in Grade 7. The attribute that stood out to me was “reflective”. The

Fong – NYU

Bittersweet to say the least. I still recall vividly home, away from my family and friends who I shared happiness, stresses and tears with. As soon as the plane landed,

Sun – UCLA

“IB x 99” was my initial thought of what university education would be like. Reality? I can tell you that it is utterly different from what I perceived. I can