A variety of assessments are used to evaluate both content and skills/process of achievement, taking into account differences in learning style. IB assessment is criterion-referenced to ensure worldwide reliability and validity. In 2007, 80,000 students were assessed by IBO with 35,000 being full Diploma students representing 119 countries. About 80% of all the Diploma candidates succeed. To see Concordian’s assessment policy for the DP program click here.

Throughout the two year period prior to the external examinations, students are assessed internally by their subject teachers, who use a wide range of assessment techniques. Some of these assessments are sent to IBO for moderation and are used towards the students final subject grade.

External examinations represent the majority of the assessment and take place in May of the second year of study. The examinations are set and graded by IBO examiners worldwide.

Each subject is graded on a scale of 1 to 7 as follows:

7 = excellent
6 = very good
5 = good
4 = satisfactory
3 = mediocre
2 = poor
1 = very poor

Results are published online in early July on the IBO website athttp://results.ibo.org Each candidate receives a PIN number to access his/her results. Diplomas are mailed to the IB Coordinator by the end of August and are then mailed to the students.


IBO offers a service that allows candidates to elect to have transcripts sent to the university/college of their choice. The service is free up to six universities. However, this information must be given to the IB Coordinator by the end of April preceding the May examinations.