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From the Dragon’s Lair

Concordian Dragon’s training and competition schedules are listed below. Please remember that AISAA Tournaments, Meets, or major events take priority over a practice session. Go Dragons!

Concordian and AISAA Updates


Photo of the Week

Henry winning the 100m at the PYP AISAA Track & Feild Tournament

Sports Schedules and Results


Third Place

Congratulations to the Varsity Girls for finishing 3rd at the extraordinalryily challenging tournament at CDNIS in Hongkong.



Mon 14 Jan V Boys vs KIS SC Gym 15:00
Tue 15 Jan G10U Girls vs Berkeley MY Gym 15:30
  G10U Boys vs Berkeley SC Gym 15:30
Tue 22 Jan V Girls @ Berkeley 15:15
  V Boys @ Berkeley 15:15
Wed 23 Jan G10U Girls @ KIS 15:00
  G10U Boys @ KIS 15:00
Mon 28 Jan V Girls vs Wells MY Gym 15:45
  V Boys @ Wells 15:45
Wed 30 Jan G10U Girls @ Wells 15:30
  G10U Boys vs Wells SC Gym 15:30
AISAA Champions

Congraulations to the G5U Boys for taking first place at the season ending AISAA Tournament.



Mon 14 Jan G7U Boys @ Ekamai 15:15
Wed 16 Jan G3U Girls vs KIS Fld B 13:00
Mon 21 Jan G5U Boys vs Wells Fld B 15:30
Tue 22 Jan G7U Girls vs Wells Fld B 13:00
  G7U Boys vs Wells Fld A 15:30
25-27 Jan SEAIS Tournament @ Home 09:00
Sun 27 Jan G5U Girls AISAA Tournament @ KIS 09:00
  G5U Girls AISAA Tournament @ Bereley 09:00
Tue 29 Jan G3U Girls @ KIS 13:00
Wed 30 Jan G5U Girls @ KIS 13:00
  G5U Boys @ KIS 13:00


Sat 1 Dec Bangkok Swim Meet @ Bangkok Sport Center 07:00

Table Tennis


Congratulations to the Varsity Team for winning the AISAA Tournement. Individual results:
Jaden – 1st Place
Grace – 2nd Place
Wandy – 3rd Place
Kor – 3rd Place

Third Place

Congratulations to Man and Mon for taking 3rd Place in the U14 Doubles at the recent Thai Nationals Tournament.



Sun 27 Jan BKK Cup @ Windsor Park 08:00
First and Second Place

Congratulations to Zoe for finishing 1st and Pei Pei 2nd in the girls U10 category of the BKK Cup at Lotus Valley.


Track and Field

AISAA MYP/DP Tournament Results

1500m – Jean (G10U) 1st, Plamy (G10U) 2nd, Dash (G7U) 3rd
800M – Earn (G10U) 3rd, Andress (G10U) 1st, Troy (G7U) 3rd
400m – Tan (V) 3rd, Anthony (G10U), Anna (G7U) 2nd,
             Troy (G7U) 1st
200m – Jean (G10U) 1st, Stephen (G7U) 2nd
100M – Tonhom (G10U) 2nd, Andress (G10U) 1st, Jean (G10U) 2nd,               Lina (G7U) 3rd, William (G7U) 1st
Long Jump – Lina (G7U) 2nd, Andress (G10u) 3rd, Felix (G7U) 1st
High Jump – Lisa (G10U), Felix (G7U) 3rd
Shot Put – Rose (G10U) 1st
Discus – Rose (G10) 1st
Javelin – Au (G10U) 2nd, Palmy (G10U) 3rd, Anna (G7U) 3rd
Relay 4×100 – Varsity Boys 3rd
                         G10U Girls 3rd
                         G10U Boys 3rd
                         G7U Boys 2nd
                         G7U Girls 3rd

AISAA PYP Tournament Results

Ball Throw                                     Push Ball
3 Boys: Purin 3rd                          3 Boys: Budh 4th
3 Girls: Summer 4th                      3 Girls: Torfun 4th
5 Boys: Pote 3rd                           5 Boys: Mega 3rd
5 Girls: Wise 3rd                           5 Girls: Candy 3rd

Running Long Jump                     Triple Jump
3 Boys: Kao W. 2nd                      3 Boys: Proton 1st
3 Girls: Jade 2nd                          3 Girls: Ping Ping 3rd
5 Boys: Kirk 3rd                            5 Boys: Kirk 2nd
5 Girls: Atta 3rd                            5 Girls: Cake 3rd

100m                                             200m
3 Boys: Kao W. 2nd                      3 Boys: Zen 4th
3 Girls: Ritchy 3rd                         3 Girls: Rita 3rd
5 Boys: Pote 3rd                           5 Boys: Henry 1st
5 Girls: Proud 1st                          5 Girls: Harmonie 1st

400m                                             800m
3 Boys: Proton 3rd                        3 Boys: Wut 3rd
3 Girls: Jade 3rd                           5 Boys: Matoom 3rd
5 Boys: Joe Joe 3rd                      5 Girls: Harmonie 1st
5 Girls: PaoPao 3rd

3 Boys: Thunwa, Proton, Kan, Chin 4th
3 Girls: Ping Ping, Jade, Rita, Richy 3rd
5 Boys: Henry, Poom, Pixels, Matoom 2nd
5 Girls: Chloe, Natalyn, Lita, Cartoon 3rd


Special Events


Congratulations to Ninja for winning the U14 Thialand Pattaya Youth Chess Tournament championship.


Congratulations to Kimi for taking first place at the Tuagom Go Tournament.

Second Place

Congratulations to the PY Dance Dragons for being the crowd favorite and taking second place at the AISAA So You Think You Can Dance Trounament.



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