Concordian International School offers a wide variety of sport and activities and is a member of AISAA

The principles of the Concordian Athletic Program are unique in that we are not simply catering to the capacities of more physically skilled students.

Along with good sportsmanship, participation in the Athletics Program instills the development of moral qualities, social abilities, emotional maturity, and mental alertness. Our objectives are to develop citizenship traits such as cooperation, leadership, self-discipline, fairness and honesty in dealing with others, and respect.

We are developing as wide an Athletic Program as possible to give each student the opportunity to discover a sport or sports in which he/she has interest.

From the Concordian Dragon’s Lair

AISAA has announced a “Tournament only” year with each division from all sports scheduled from November 2020 to May 2021. Go Dragons!

Concordian Practice Schedule and AISAA Updates (2020-2021)


Table Tennis

Gold and Bronze Medalist

Congratulations to Mon for taking First place and Man for taking third place at the first circuit of the All Thailand Championships

Ice Hockey


Congratulations to Demo and Garfeild whose team the Bangkok Icebreakers took first place at the U12 Ice Hockey Championship 2020 Tournament in Chiang Mai.


1st and 2nd Places

Congratulations to the Golf Team for their success at the Faldo Series Tournament:
Zoe – 1st Place Girls (all grade levels)
Pei Pei – 2nd Place Girls (U13)
Kirk – 2nd Place Boys (U13)
Team – 1st Place Net Lowest Score


2nd Place

Congratulations to the Varsity Girls for taking 2nd place at the AISAA Tournament.


3rd Place

Congratulations to Chino for taking 3rd place (U14) in the Saber at the Air Force Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships.


2nd Place

Congratulations to the swimming team for scoring the second highest point total out of 25 swimming clubs at the Mako Shark Swim Meet. Individual Results:
Phaak Tumsaroj G4D
Oustanding Swimmer (9-10 age group)
Gold, 50m Freestyle
Gold, 50m Backstroke
Gold, 50m Breaststroke
Gold, 50m Butterfly
Silver, 100m Freestyle
Gail Siwapornchai G5I
Silver, 50m Freestyle
Silver, 50m Backstroke
Silver, 50m Butterfly
Bronze, 100m Freestyle
Seth Chaipatamanont G2I
Silver, 25m Breaststroke
Miki Saphakkul G7Ss
Silver, 50m Butterfly
Pote Tanpetcharat G7I
Silver, 50m Breaststroke
Silver, 50m Butterfly
Bronze, 50m Freestyle
Titan Lertussawawiwat G8C
Silver, 50m Freestyle

The following are sports currently offered at Concordian:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Track and Field
  • Table Tennis
  • Golf
  • Ice Hockey

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