The Primary Years Program (PYP) is one of four programmes within the International Baccalaureate including the: Middle Years Program (MYP), Diploma Program (DP) and Career Related Program (CP).   The PYP, introduced in 1997, is an educational program for students aged 3-12 years old.  As of 2015, there are over 1,000 schools offering the PYP in over 100 countries worldwide. At Concordian, as of 2015-2016, we have 570 students in the PYP program including 272 in the Early Years section and 298 in the Primary Years section.

The following information about the PYP has been adapted and taken from Making the PYP Happen, 2009.

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The following are some videos regarding various aspects of the IB PYP:

IB PYP Overview (

What does it mean to be an inquiry teacher? (

IB Learner Profile (

Trans-disciplinary Learning (

Constructivist Learning (


6 Things to know about IB Assessment (

International Mindedness in the PYP (






Primary Years

Focus on every student becoming
an independent, creative and
lifelong learner.