Language Immersion in English / Chinese through Grade 4

Language immersion is an educational model where curriculum activities are conducted in a language other than the student’s mother tongue. Through immersion, students acquire literacy skills and academic content at the same time.

Concordian International School provides English-Chinese immersion from Pre-K to Grade 4. In Grade 5, students study English and Chinese language arts separately. English becomes the core language of instruction and Chinese is taught as an additional language up to advanced levels of language arts and literary appreciation throughout secondary school.

By immersing children from an early age in a language-rich environment, and through a content-based curriculum, concordian international school greatly improves chances of acquiring near-native fluency and pronunciation. Through the English and Chinese immersion programmes concordian international school helps students to:

  • Develop linguistic and literacy skills through content-based instruction
  • Enrich academic learning and conceptual understanding through the learning of students’ mother tongue as well as English and Chinese as second languages
  • Learn different ways of communicating, thinking, and problem solving
  • Increase intercultural awareness and appreciation
  • Expand career and educational opportunities.

All of this is based on the International Baccalaureate curriculum framework, which focuses on “the total growth of the developing child, touching hearts as well as minds and encompassing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic development.”