The IBDP Guidance programs for grades 11-12 will assist and support students in the following ways:

The Counselor may assist students by:

  • Providing counseling for students with personal/social concerns. Counseling can take place individually or in small groups. The counselor will also refer students and parents to appropriate community resources when needed and will work with external agencies and experts in supporting students and their families.
  • Providing academic counseling for students in course selection, taking the appropriate level subjects that is on par for their learning and academic success. Also working with students to meet the requirements for a High School/IB Diploma and for college admissions requirements.
  • Identifying students who are experiencing academic difficulties and coordinating with appropriate members to deliver services to meet their needs.
  • Advising students on topics such as stress, time management, decision making, responsibility, study skills, substance abuse, effective social skills, transition, etc.
  • Providing orientation for new students  Orienting new students and assisting with their adjustment to school (transition within, into and out of CIS)
  • Providing crisis intervention services

The counselor will coordinate and direct all aspects of college placement and career guidance services:

  • Disseminate relevant information about colleges and careers to students and parents.
  • Provide a resource center for students to find information on colleges and careers and monitor and update materials
  • Set up and monitor on-line Naviance accounts for students to support college/career planning and portfolio development
  • Support students to identity their strengths, interests and abilities in relevance to their future
  • Invite outside guests to the school to talk about careers
  • Coordinate college visits on and off campus for students to meet college representatives and admissions officers
  • Support students in the college application process
  • Write counselor recommendation letters
  • Monitor updated records to support their progress toward graduation such as transcripts, grade point averages, etc.
  • Set up workshops on essay writing/personal statements and other relevant topics related to college and liaison with the English classes on essay writing
  • Conduct a College Night session
  • Meet with parents in an ongoing basis as they prepare their son/daughter for post- secondary life.
  • Supervise and oversee the PSAT/NMSQT test for grades 10 & 11. This test prepares students for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) taken in their 11th and 12th Grade years. The SAT is a required college admission test for the most selective schools in the United States.
  • Advise and support students in taking the relevant tests needed for university entrance requirements

The Counselor may assist parents by:

  • Consulting on concerns affecting their son/daughter’s academic, social/emotional growth.
  • Promoting positive partnerships between home and school
  • Clarifying the screening procedures and results of social, emotional, andor behavior assessments
  • Providing post-secondary planning

The Counselor may assist teachers and administration by:

  • Providing information and resource services
  • Assisting with the placement and follow up services of students
  • School wide assessments & data sharing
  • Participating in meetings and activities that contribute to a positive educational environment
  • Consulting and collaborating to better understand and meet the special needs of students
  • Facilitating good relations between students and their parents, their teacher, and other members of the school community.