Concordian Counseling Department

The Counseling Department supports the school’s mission and vision in educating the whole child by focusing on the social and emotional development of students.

In particular, the counselors focus on assisting students with social and emotional issues that may be interfering with their optimal learning process or general development.

Counseling is provided individually or in groups. The counselors are also available as a resource for parents, providing guidance on issues related to adolescent development, parenting and the student’s school experience.

When students or families require support that extends beyond the means of the resources of the school administration and staff, or when parents request additional assistance, the counselors will provide parents with referral information regarding professional services in the community.

The counselors are also available as a resource for teachers, support staff and administration.

Please drop by or call 02-706-9000 ext.102 to schedule an appointment at your convenience.